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This is how we improve media content 😎

Earn while watching

We decided to reward you for watching your favorite content, that's why we built SparkCoins for you to buy in the store inside the app exclusive content that no one else will have. The more you watch, the more you win.


We LOVE😍 videogames, that's why you'll find several ways to play different games and use your SparkCoins.

Choose what to do

In every channel you'll find layers of fun! You can choose to play, bet or chat with your friends watching the same content. Navigate to discover all the options we have.

Built-in chat in every channel

Share your emotion and speak your mind whenever you want.

No other app has this

Multiple Experiences

NOBODY is ONLY watching TV, in fact everybody has their phones in their hands and a single notification is enough to attract their attention and use the phone and start chatting or even playing a videogame, that's why we combine different experiences so you have all of these mechanics in one simple platform.

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Attention Revolution

ATTENTION is the new currency, that's why if you give us a bit of yours, we'll reward you within the platform to unlock more and more premium features.

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ESports Included

Join us in a brand new way to enjoy ESports, we have exclusive streams and game mechanics dedicated to them, if you are a true gamer you can't miss them out.

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Premium Memberships

Feeling like discovering new experiences?, a premium membership is coming so you will be able to spend your coins and find new ways to have fun, but for now, the whole app is FREE.

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You like Sparkplug?
Watch us pitch!

This is what happen at Google

We are proud to say that we were part of the GSVlabs Pioneer Acceleration Program at the very end of 2016, being leaded by great mentors, we built a product based on our very best experience.

We had our demo day at the Google office in Mountain View and this is the result, enjoy.

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Sparkplug in 2 versions

What's your favorite platform?

What are targeting?

A multiple platform experience.

Based on the LATAM population and device usage, we know the main market is on Android, yet, we don't forget the iOS app. We are building beautiful application to have an amazing experience on your device.

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Big boys about us
New Odessa Times

TV Azteca

We are working with the second largest TV Station in Mexico to deliver special content through Sparkplug, right now you can find exclusive content of EXTRANORMAL, the most famous paranormal show in Mexico.



The NUMBER ONE (in audience) channel of ESports in Mexico, casting league of videogames like Hearthstone, Overwatch, League of Legends, Street Fighter and more.


Inspector Geek

A truely Youtube Rockstar with more than 140K Subscribers, bringing special content to Sparkplug.

Tap-Tap Time


We partnered up with Balero - a Mexican - American investment company - that helped us link our StartUp in Silicon Valley.



We are part of the Pioneer Acceleration Program cohort since October of 2016 in Silicon Valley, California.



Our lead partner, a videogame studio that helps bringing capital, talent and videogames to the Sparkplug community.

Through time, we have the very best human talent to make this possible, we have worked together for several years and now we are betting all in on Sparkplug.

Our Dream Team

People behind this app

Jorge Suárez

CEO Jorge Suarez

Gustavo Quiroz

Senior Developer The Bad

Luis Rodríguez

Full Stack Engineer The Smiley

Cristian Quiroz

Product Lead and Developer The Smiley

Are you an EXTRANORMAL fan?

All the episodes right in your browser

Full Featured Web App

Enjoy all the seasons and episodes of EXTRANORMAL in our exclusive site, NO ADS, you choose what episode you want to watch, anytime.

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